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It's easy to get the best insurance rates when you have the right tools

Find out if you're over-paying, if you are, get the tools to bring your costs under control. Our services are for consumers, we are not paid by insurance agencies, brokers or insurance carriers. Our sole revenue is based on your successful results at lowering insurance costs. If you are tired of your group health insurance rate increases, commercial liability or workers compensation - you should contact us today!

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We will tell ALL on how to reduce your insurance cost using the same tools we have been using with over 700 clients since 1996.
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Find out how your group health insurance compares to other firms and the tools to reduce your costs today, and for the future.

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Find out what carrier can offer you the best rates, FREE, less than 45 seconds, no selling, no agent calling, no email – just fast results.

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Where We Can Help

  • Workers compensation
  • Group Benefits
  • Executive Risk

  • Industries 5-5000 employees
  • Commercial Property, Liability & Auto
  • Manufacturers, Distributors, Financial institutions, Non-Profits, Technology, Life Science

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